About Us


About Show Off Books:

Show Off Books, Inc. was founded in 2010 by Wrenna Robertson and her partner, Whelm King.  Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Show Off’s first book, I’ll Show You Mine, was released in March 2011. 


Show Off Books mission statement:

Show Off Books aims to empower women and men by presenting, through the publication of books and other media, the reality of the human body.  These educational tools will foster communication based on shared experience in the recognition that true empowerment is achieved not only through knowledge but through relationship.  Our work will be guided by the needs of our diverse and beautiful society.


About Wrenna Robertson:

Born in Windsor, Ontario, Wrenna moved to BC in the late nineties, ultimately settling in Vancouver in 2002. A perpetual student, Wrenna has two Bachelor of Science degrees, granted by the University of Victoria and the University of British Columbia, and a Master of Science from UBC which she completed in 2010.  She has served as a Research Associate at UBC’s Institute for Aboriginal Health and a Student Lecturer at UBC’s College of Health Disciplines.  Wrenna attained these accomplishments while choosing to work as an exotic dancer for more than half her life.