Starting the Conversation, by Wrenna Robertson

Women are now more concerned than ever about the appearance of their genitals. The convergence of the trend toward shaving or otherwise removing pubic hair which leaves the vulva more visible and open to scrutiny, coupled with our society’s ubiquitous exposure to online pornography and the unrealistic ideals it creates, have led an increasing number of women to feel real anxiety about their own genitalia.

Empowering young children to nurture a positive relationship with their genitals, by Anne G. Sabo, Ph. D.

In 2008 the medical group Surgicare (UK) saw a threefold increase in labiaplasty over the previous year, and inquiries rose sevenfold in three years. Most women asking for the surgery were in their late teens or early 20s, though as young as 10 or 11. In almost all cases, requests came from women with completely healthy vulvas, but seeking more “attractive” genitals. (Round Up: Cosmetic Surgery, Reproductive Health Matters 2010)