Review by Diana Lyerson-Breland

"I am Diana M Lyerson-Breland.

Review by Pop My Cherry

"While this kind of project has been done in the past, including Joani Blank’s vulva photobook Femalia (1993) and more recently Petals (2009) by photographer Nick Karras, “I’ll Show You Mine” feels much more intimate and personal."


Review by Tits And Sass

"I have already shown the book to a dozen other people. I don’t give them any disclaimer about what they’re getting into, I just hand them the book and ask them to peruse it. The first reaction is usually loud and surprised and then every single person proceeds to tell some version of their own vagina story. Everyone has a vagina story. Love stories about their vagina. Discovery stories. Fear stories. These are stories that my friends and my family have never shared with me."


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Review by Scarleteen

"Up until now, everything we've had at Scarleteen that has depicted genitals have been illustrations, not photographs. In part, that’s been because often photographs available aren’t done well, don’t depict much diversity or clearly are for entertainment, not education. That's also been about thinking of people who are viewing our site in a public place. But an even greater influence than both of those things has been that we already tend to take a good bit of flack for just having illustrations, or even talking with young people at all about body parts."


Review by Owning Pink

"One might ask, 'why take pictures of vulvas and put them in a book?' for any number of reasons. You might think it's weird, or kinky, or boring or pornographic or just... unnecessary. But after thinking about it, reading the stories of the women, and learning about the increasing use of plastic surgery on our pussies, I'd have to say that there's a very good reason for women to know what other women look like. Namely, we all look normal, no matter what we look like."


Review by The Beautiful Kind

"Ready to be inspired? These women pave the way toward pussy acceptance in the most intimate form of female empowerment."


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Review by Thea Cacchioni, Ph.D. (Gender Studies and Sociology)

"Wrenna Robertson’s "I’ll Show You Mine" is the perfect antidote to women’s vulva shame, both fueled by and fuelling the rising genital cosmetic surgery industry.  The book features photographs of 60 ‘normal’ vulvas, not one of which looks alike. Over the past few years, some other books have attempted the educational and empowering exercise of depicting vulva diversity in the face of growing trends such as labiaplasty.

Review by The Fertility Awareness Center

"You've heard this before: there are so few realistic images of women's bodies, and so many images of airbrushed, surgically-altered women, that most women have no idea what normal is, and often think that they are abnormal, unattractive, etc. Although the problem is pervasive when it comes to women's overall appearance, it's even more acute when we consider women's vulvas."


Review by My Whole Sex Life

"This is such an important book. I have had more opportunity  than most people to see what vulvas look like. I was a doula for years and have attended many births. I look at porn. I’m pansexual. But I realize now how little I’ve been able to really examine vulvas. I had no idea what “normal” looks like. I now know that there is no normal, or at least, normal is so broad that it covers everyone. This is deeply moving for me."


I’ll Show You Mine: Book Reveals Beautiful, Diverse Vaginas (Vulvas!), by Jiz Lee

"When I saw I'll Show You Mine, I got very excited. Here’s a “non-porn” example of diversity in sexuality to join the ranks of previously published materials such as the fun Cunt Coloring Book by Tee Corinne and Joani Blank’s Femalia."


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