Review by Diana Lyerson-Breland

"I am Diana M Lyerson-Breland. I am a variety of things… a friend, a victim, a daughter, a sister, a mother, a teacher, a secret keeper, a wife, a Christian, a survivor, a compliment, a wordsmith, a fat person, a black woman, a historian, a shining example of what can and will not happen if you go to college, a believer, a comforter, a listener, a singer, a writer, a challenge, a person that is growing old and loving it, a middle aged under employed Ordinary American (OA), a lover of jazz, Bach, my Aunt Linda’s peach cobbler, great food and all things carnal… above all of this, I am at this very moment a woman that has been lifted to a new level of freedom, peace and renewed sexual honesty after reading and reveling in this important literary experience called “I’ll Show You Mine”.

Honesty is a rare commodity these days. I’ll Show You Mine is a rare, unabashedly bold display of healthy womanhood. From the first page to the last I was awash with pride and pleasure. Each picture, each story, drew me in and held my attention as if I were a babe being held by my mother again. I loved the very feminine yet masculine, soft and hard voice that meanders throughout the entire book. I felt a constant and sustaining bond or kinship to each woman’s story that was featured. It is such a comforting and empowering feeling to really know the freedom and pride pure honesty can bring to your life. After reading and sharing this book with so many others I am more than just well informed… I am authentically more me... more free."


Diana Lyerson-Breland

Professor, "Love, Romance and Relationships"

Ivy Tech Community College