Review by Thea Cacchioni, Ph.D. (Gender Studies and Sociology)

"Wrenna Robertson’s "I’ll Show You Mine" is the perfect antidote to women’s vulva shame, both fueled by and fuelling the rising genital cosmetic surgery industry.  The book features photographs of 60 ‘normal’ vulvas, not one of which looks alike. Over the past few years, some other books have attempted the educational and empowering exercise of depicting vulva diversity in the face of growing trends such as labiaplasty. "I’ll Show You Mine" is superior in three ways: 1) air brushing and pretty lighting are shunned for a ‘this is beautiful as is’ effect; 2) the range of diversity that is captured is impressive; 3) each photo is connected to that woman’s own narrative about her vulva, avoiding yet another display of a disembodied vulva.

It was an honour to have Robertson participate in a major international conference on ‘The Medicalization of Sex’ which I chaired at Simon Fraser University in April, 2011. A dedicated educator and activist, she was involved on several levels: donating copies of her publication to the event, exhibiting large-scale images from the book at our evening reception, and presenting an eloquent paper about her unique personal, intellectual, and political journey."


Thea Cacchioni

University of Victoria