Show Me Yours (Monday Magazine, Mar. 13, 2011)

"It’s not every day you get a chance to stare at 60 different women’s vulvas. And if that idea just made you blush, you’re not alone. In fact, according to a 2003 study by the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, 47 per cent of women believe the vagina is the part of the body they know least about. But, thanks to the efforts of one Victoria woman, that’s all about to change."


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Review by Anne G. Sabo, Ph.D.

"The photos—unaltered, life size and life color—capture a stunning diversity and beauty of the female vulva that does not abide by the unrealistic ideal of a neat pink clamshell vulva propelled by mass media and mainstream pornography... the stories underscore the importance of young girls having access to information about their vulvae and sexuality to resist the shame and embarrassment that continue to affect women"


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Review by William H. Parker, MD, UCLA School of Medicine

"As a practicing gynecologist with 32 years of experience examining women, I find the promotion of “normal genital appearance” by physicians performing female genital cosmetic surgery repugnant.  Female genital cosmetic surgery is a cash business and has no motivation other than generating income for the doctors who perform it, but its promotion may lead women to feel that they look different than the 'ideal'. The variety of genital appearance is vast and all normal, as wonderfully shown in this excellent and recommended book."

Review by Ruth Neustifter, Ph.D.

"I recently received an amazing book for review that I want to share with you. I didn't get anything for this recommendation; it's 100% honest! Wrenna Robertson sent me a copy of I'll Show You Mine and I'm completely blown away by the book.

Rerview by Erika Lust

"I have to say many mainstream porn sets and actors usually look really artificial and result in men being self-conscious about their penis and in women being complexed with their body and even intimate parts! There is no ideal body, there are just people feeling good with their 'defects'."


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Book of vulvas aims to empower, enlighten, by Shelly Fralic (Vancouver Sun, Mar. 14, 2011)

   I’ll Show You Mine arrived wrapped in a plain brown cardboard box, which might have been the first clue.
   Inside, pretty in a pink hardcover, was a book - a photograph album really - featuring nothing but photographs of vulvas.

Reality check: This is a Vulva (Georgia Straight, Feb. 23, 2011)

"Given society’s impossible beauty ideals and the way in which women are held up to scrutiny in the media, it’s not enough anymore to aspire to a Kate Moss–like frame. Instead, women of all ages are opting for everything from Botox to boob jobs. Will plastic surgery to reshape or reduce the labia be the next big thing?"


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The vagina book that is NOT porn (So Misguided, Mar. 12, 2011)

"I'll Show You Mine... brings humanity to the subject matter in a way that is not normally seen in women’s studies textbooks, clinical pamphlets, or adolescent sexual education materials. The women’s anecdotes and short stories are also coming from a place of emotional support for young women (or rather any woman) who is anxious about what “normal” looks like."


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