Freyja's Story

I believe it was my issues from my past that kept me from being comfortable in revealing my pussy. The punishment I received in early puberty made me feel it was bad to show it - it was trashy, filthy, ugly. Until five years ago I never felt comfortable revealing myself, when the mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse of my past was superseded by my desire to be seen as beautiful in every way.

When I was 11, my father and step-mother felt that by punishing me through degradation and humiliation of my most private personal parts it would keep me from exposing myself. I came home from school and was about to have dinner with my family when my father insisted that I strip naked, or else he would do so to me. Naked, I was made to eat with him, my step-mom (who, as a woman, sat there and let this happen) and my brothers.  I was told this would make me not ever want to show my privates to anyone again because they thought that I was whoring around.

The second time was about six months later when, again, both my parents assumed I had been having sex with boys (in fact I had been having sex with girls at that time) and brought me into their bedroom... and dad made me pull down my pants while mom watched and he proceeded to shave me... so again, I would not want to show myself to anyone... that it was nothing more than a piece of skin belonging to a whore and I should not be exposing myself.

At 12 it was my step-mom’s son, who was five years older, who raped me... with me blind-folded, gagged and tied to take control of me... and he did take control of me... until I was 27 and my son was 2 and I finally stood up to all of them and said ENOUGH... this is my body... and I went to counseling and finally heard that it was their sickness not mine... and I was perfect the way I was and had nothing to hide...
It did take me till about five years ago, in fact, when I entered openly into the BDSM lifestyle and became proud of what I had to offer... body, mind and sexuality... and in particular those most private parts of myself that others could appreciate and enjoy as much as I did...

It was about four months ago when a photographer approached me and asked me to be his muse and with a huge amount of nurturing and trust built between us... he showed me the beauty of my vagina... and the glory that comes with it... and I am entirely proud to show it in this very worthwhile endeavor.



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