Silvi's Story

I remember being a very small child and engaging in very innocent exploration of my own sexual anatomy. I discovered my clitoris, though I didn't know the word. And when I was in kindergarden we had a sex ed. class about where babies come from. We were shown with dolls how the man inserts his penis into the vagina. On top of the revulsion I felt about this (I was still in my "boys are icky" phase), I fully made the connection between the sex I was being shown and what I was doing with my own body. They didn't mention the clitoris at all, and I took that to heart. Endowed with this new knowledge, I felt that what I was doing was weird and felt discouraged from continuing to explore myself.

Recently, I watched a video on Betty Dodson's website. It was of a woman massaging her own vulva and masturbating. It was stunning and beautiful. Refreshing like a breath of air that I didn't quite realize I was lacking. Throughout my life, I've been surrounded with visuals of how men jack off and it's preposterous how massively we lack plain and direct images of how ladies experience sexual pleasure.



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