Vaginal Birth, take two.

The experience of birthing my second, and youngest, daughter was one of the most empowering of my life. My eldest daughter was born via emergency c-section, a far cry from the homebirth my husband and I had planned. So to have the opportunity to naturally, vaginally birth my youngest daughter was very important to me.


After a 14 hour labour and the threat of a second c-section I was elated to naturally, vaginally birth my daughter. This resulted in me feeling incredibly empowered. Actually the words "I am woman, hear me roar" were present in my thoughts. My 9lb daughter came crashing out of me and tore my vagina, extensively. Not once did I feel ashamed, embarrassed or victimized, only strong and like a warrior. I was riding a high of pride and strength with my new baby in my arms.


Then I was wheeled into the "recovery" room. The only thing I remember about this time was a nurse looking down at my vagina and looking at me, in horror, and uttering the words "oh my god!!!!". This nurse then instructed me not to "look or feel down there" for 2 weeks as my tearing was like nothing she had ever seen. After a long healing process, which was almost interrupted by prematurely wearing thong underwear, my beautiful Vulva is completely intact and perfect. All functions working perfectly, no change in feel or look. My Vulva, my friend.


Thank-you for bringing this topic into our conversations, Wrenna.







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